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1980. Rio de Janeiro. MS LOGÍSTICA was designed to meet the needs of an evolving market that required far more sophisticated services than the mere clearance of goods through customs.

The significant growth of oil and gas exploration in Brazil during this period attracted many oil drilling companies to the country. To meet their needs, MS not only invested in state of the art technology, but also in the development of the most efficient procedures and the most highly qualified professionals.

As the result of its experience, MS developed secure, efficient and complete logistical support systems and import and export advisory services. It also developed new business partnerships that require agile, competent services to maintain the constant flow of complex operations and avoid the increased cost of delays involving high monetary values.

Growth didn't result in a set pattern of service. Much to the contrary, each client continues to receive services customized to its specific needs and field of activity.

The natural result of this endeavor is that MS is the most renowned customs clearance company in Rio de Janeiro. It is highly qualified to deal effectively and efficiently with all the services involved in national and international cargo flows.


  • Meet the needs of clients and partners in an ethical, dynamic and secure manner, acting with social and environmental responsibility to provide quality, speed and satisfaction in customs clearance and logistical services in national and international markets.


  • Expand our activities, consolidating our position as the main and most efficient customs clearance and logistics company in our market.


  • Ethics
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Transparency



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